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  • Attention Are You On The Right Spiritual Path For You? Are You In Doubt? !Does this sound like you?

    You're on the spiritual path to becoming a self-healer & potential Spiritual Business Owner.

    You're someone who really wants to raise their higher consciousness but can't internal blocks mentally & spiritually.

    You struggle with healing past traumas & deflecting negative energy.

    And right now you believe developing your psychic & spiritual abilities is really difficult.

    In short, you're a person on the spiritual path who wants results... and you want them now!

    ...Then Antojai Shamanic Center is the mentorship & guidance you need!


    Antojai Shamanic Center was created to provide you:

    • Guidance to reach your divine secrets 
    • Inspiration to excel in various skills
    • Accountability for true energy growth 
    • A community full of spiritual ascension


    "You have to change your environment to serve your purpose”

    Ehab Attala
YES! I am ready to reach new levels of spiritual ascension!

Live Group Coaching

Join me each month for a live workshop, group coaching, Meditation, Q&A, and soul ascension session.

Quantum Reiki 2.0

Quantum Reiki was the latest development in the Reiki world. 

Now inside Our Shamanic Center we have taken Quantum Reiki & taken it to new heights.


Private Facebook Group

Dive headfirst into your new reality with direct support from me and your fellow Antojai Energy community in the private Facebook group. Connect with a family you always knew was out there!

Antojai Ascension Book library

Receive a complete walkthrough guide of all learning materials I've used to ascend myself to the highest level. Audio's videos & meditations

Let's 2.0 Your Knowledge

Gain access to never seen before teaching of all my courses. With upgraded methods to master your abilities. Who's Ready for Quantum Reiki 2.0 & so much more...

Yes I am ready to join the family.

Master the energy around you to take you to a higher vibration.


"Antojai Shamanic Center" helps you quickly and easily take the Antojai blueprint and ascend to achieve your ultimate reality


For less than $1.36 per day, you can make the biggest shift in your spiritual development!

Yulia Rose Magdalene

This was the healing and awakening I have been preparing for my whole life. I've been calling a being like Axel into my life. I felt I needed healing but I knew it needed to be somebody that was connected, in integrity and powerful. His dedication and service to healing the planet is undeniable. His passion and love are extraordinarily impressive. I am in awe of the healing I went through today. I feel free, I feel love in my heart. I went on feeling depressed, confused, sad. I left feeling happy, joyful and awakened. Everyone that feels the call to work with Axel should follow that hunch, I did and so happy I listened to my intuition. I've never felt so aligned and connected to my purpose. Worth every single dollar and more.
Thank you Axel , you are a gift to all earth.

Veronica Ibrahim

I just had my first session with Antojai Shamanic Wellness. Have to admit, I was skeptical about how effective the session would be via Zoom. Well, I was blown away. Axel was on point with everything he was sensing from my energy and even shared things he picked up that I had not come to be aware of. Seeing Axel was by far one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I finally feel the healing process start to work and its because of Axel.

David P

Axel is amazing. He is caring, compassionate, and understanding. I recommend his healing sessions as well as his other services to everyone. Often times, a spiritual approach and an alternative is needed when modern society and western medicine can only do so much in healing oneself. Blessings 🙏🏼⚡️🌟

Key perks of this membership...


New Theme Designed to take you to the next level each month
Like Quantum Reiki 2.0,  Changing your wealth Vibration, or Building your spiritual business the right way etc.

Live Q&A Workshop
Each month we come  together as a spiritual family in a live monthly workshop. The live workshop will include a lecture, activity, Q&A,

Private Community
You’ll have access to the private Facebook group— meet and interact with other energy healers, spiritual family members,  share wins and receive updates.

Perks & Discounts
Receive discounts on my 1:1 coaching, discounts on all courses, and be the first to know about new events!

Meet Your Ascension Guide...

My name is Master Antojai and I help people just like you become the best version of themselves through spiritual ascension and healing.

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you could:

* Develop your Quantum reiki skills to new heights (Quantum Reiki 2.0)...

* Leverage the biggest & best Antojai community & coaches ...

* Heal your past traumas...

* Master your psychic abilities beyond belief ...

* Reprogram your brain for wealth...

Would that get you excited?

Well, now you don't have to imagine!

I'd like to introduce you to "Antojai Shamanic Center" which will help you experience all that... and so much more!

"Antojai Shamanic Center" helps you quickly and easily take the Antojai blueprint and ascend to the energy of no limits.

Become The Next Member In Our Global Family!
"Antojai Shamanic Center" is the easiest, simplest, and fastest way for every person on their spiritual path to reach ascesion with amazing success.

But, you need to act on this now, Don't let your limiting beliefs hold you back from unlocking your most mental and spiritual true self.

Antojai Shamanic Center


Here is what you'll get

  • Monthly Live Workshop ($3,600)
  • Monthly Theme Training ($4000)
  • Private Facebook Group ($99)
  • Antojai Ascension book library ( $300)
  • Discounts on trainings & Coaching. 

Total Value - $7,999

Total Investment - $500/Year